This Is Our Story

Everything we do at FiberPlanIT, grew out of our consultancy services in the early 2000. With a small team of highly passionate telecom engineers, we assisted telecom operators with their challenges of moving the fiber closer to the user. Estimating the costs of roll-outs, comparing technologies, … Tackling these challenges was quite daunting. So we needed assistance. FiberPlanIT was born.

We evolved from a consultancy company and became a software company. Focusing on the FTTx network planning and design – making it easier and smart. We assisted in the planning of more than 40 million homes – worldwide.

We closely follow any developments in FTTx, work together with active and passive equipment vendors to support the latest technologies. We travel around the world, sharing our story on different conferences and enabling a smarter planning right from the start.

If you want to join our team, have a look at our open positions and send your cv to

  • Raf Meersman
    Raf Meersman CEO
  • Jan Moeremans
    Jan Moeremans Global Sales Director
  • Kevin Wynne
    Kevin Wynne Sales Manager, Americas
  • José Van Ooteghem
    José Van Ooteghem Business Development Manager
  • Jonas Verstuyft
    Jonas Verstuyft Marketing Manager
  • Jeroen Vanhaverbeke
    Jeroen Vanhaverbeke FTTx Design Consultant
  • Gustav Janssens
    Gustav Janssens Software Developer
  • Julie Neckebroek
    Julie Neckebroek FTTx Design Consultant
  • Xavier Smet
    Xavier Smet FTTx Design Consultant
  • Abram Schoutteet
    Abram Schoutteet Consultant
  • Jeroen Goossens
    Jeroen Goossens FiberPlanIT Product Manager
  • Jonas Van Nieuwenberg
    Jonas Van Nieuwenberg Lead Developer
  • Wouter D’Hondt
    Wouter D’Hondt R&D Engineer
  • Josha-Nen Ancheta
    Josha-Nen Ancheta Support Engineer
  • Chinmay Sharma
    Chinmay Sharma Support Engineer
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