We are pleased to announce that FiberPlanIT by Comsof is included in BroadBand Communities magazine’s FTTH Top 100 for 2017. As we grow our customer base in North-America we are recognized as one of the FTTH Leaders and Innovators that help operators and engineering firms to speed up their FTTH network design and lower their construction costs.

Find the full list and more information here. We are included under the category ‘ Network Planning and Design Solutions’.

About BroadBand Communities FTTH Top 100

Building a Fiber-Connected World” is the tagline of Broadband Communities magazine, and each year the FTTH Top 100 list recognizes organizations that are leading the way in this arena.

When the Top 100 list was started, more than a decade ago, the fiber-to-the-home industry was new. The list included nearly every broadband-related company that was even thinking about fiber, some that planned to start thinking about it soon, and some that specialized in other broadband technologies entirely. Over the years, the list became increasingly focused on fiber broadband. Even as FTTH electronics became commoditized and the number of companies making this equipment dwindled, the FTTH ecosystem became more complex, and the industry as a whole grew rapidly.


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