We are excited to announce that FiberplanIT will attend the BREKO Fiber Fair 2018 in Frankfurt (Germany) on March 13 and 14, 2018Jonas Verstuyft, Product and Marketing manger, will present in the workshop titled ‘FTTH Council Europe: Market Panaroma Germany‘ on March 13 at 3 PM. He will discuss the results and methodology of the cost study that Comsof did in 2017 for the FTTH Council Europe, he will also zoom in to the Germany case and discuss ways to lower the deployment costs.

More information about the workshop can be found here.

Come and meet us at the BREKO Fiber Fair 2018, schedule a meeting now.


The German Broadband Association (BREKO) represents the majority of all alternative fixed line broadband network operators in Germany. Since its inception in 1999, BREKO has successfully advocated competition on the German telecommunications market. Our more than 270 members, including more than 150 city and regional carriers as well as municipal utilities, provide urban as well as rural areas, the so-called “white spots”, with high-performance fibre access. To this end, they invest more than EUR 1.5 billion every year.

BREKO Fiber Fair is a perfect combination of exhibition, seminar, conference and networking event. BREKO Fiber Fair 2018 will be attended by 1500+ expert visitors and feature 150+ exhibitors.

More info about the BREKO here.



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