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Quality Assurance Automation Engineer

added 11/12/2017

Comsof has recently started a research project called CrossPlanIT for the extension of FiberPlanIT to other utility networks like electricity networks, smart grids and heat networks.

In order to further expand the activities of Comsof concerning FiberPlanIT and CrossPlanIT, we are looking for a Quality Assurance Automation Engineer with strong technical skills.

We’re looking for a highly experienced Quality Assurance Automation Engineer with a broad range of experience, to define the testing strategy, help the team in executing toward well-defined common goals, directly innovate solutions, select and implement automation tools and improve processes as needed. The automation engineer will be expected to implement efficient and scalable processes and methodologies; define environment requirements; identify QA-related tools; negotiate test coverage; assess the appropriate level of risk-based testing; scope and size user stories and tasks; review deliverables; update management; and influence, develop and execute QA process and testing best practices. Keeping automation current and designed to work within a continuous integration framework is essential in order to guarantee stable and working product increments for every sprint outcome. Testing will be largely related to optimization problems, so you’ll be challenged frequently to determine the right test strategy for particular cases.

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added 1/6/2017

In order to further expand the activities of Comsof concerning FiberPlanIT and CrossPlanIT, we are looking for a consultant with a strong interest (and ideally some background) in FTTx networks and these other utility networks.

You will be involved in consultancy projects for FiberPlanIT and CrossPlanIT for customers worldwide. Each case has its own unique aspects. You will translate these requirements to specific calculations, analyse the results and present the results to the customer. You will also be involved in the development of customisations to the software.

By following the state-of-the-art in the roll-out and planning of FTTx and other utility networks, you will ensure that the software incorporates these latest developments in order to perform accurate and up-to-date simulations.

In due course, you may also participate in our business development and marketing efforts, for example representing the firm on conferences abroad and giving a presentation about our solutions.

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Java Developer

added 1/6/2017

In order to further expand the activities of Comsof concerning FiberPlanIT and CrossPlanIT, we are looking for a Java developer with a strong all-round skill-set and a focus on code quality.

You will join our R&D team where you will be involved in the development of FiberPlanIT & CrossPlanIT, and in maintaining the general IT setup (GIT, servers, Jenkins, …). It will be a very flexible position with a lot of variation. Some of your tasks:

  • Your main focus will be on maintaining the quality of the code base, implementing new roadmap features, writing test code… You will work in close collaboration with a small team of experienced developers.
  • You will also do some programming and set-up work related to the GUI (JavaFx), our server platform (Java Play Framework), our build process (GIT, Jenkins, …)
  • You might be involved in customer-specific work (set-up and customisations) from time to time. The role can evolve towards more consultancy/customisation work upon mutual agreement.


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 The team

We interviewed some of our colleagues at Comsof to learn about there experience working on FiberPlanIT.

Consultancy at FiberPlanIT is intellectually challenging and a real two-way partnership between the client and the team. Moreover the combination of consulting and coding is unique and appealing to an engineer. The whole team works together to tackle the clients’ issues to finding the best solutions.

Here you never work on an island. The complexity of the work requires close co-operation and the flat structure and dialogue culture makes you feel totally supported. Agility and not restricting your view only to coding is the way to express yourself and grow 100%!

Spontaneous Applications

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Make sure that the following fields are well documented:

  • Educational background
  • Professional background (if any)
  • Interest in ICT
  • Motivation

The profile that we are especially interested in is:

  • Education or experience in software with an interest in network engineering
  • Open minded
  • Highly motivated
  • Pragmatic attitude

From our point of view, we will offer you:

  • The chance to work in a professional environment
  • A competitive salary, with extra-legal benefits
  • An excellent working atmosphere with a highly skilled team
  • The chance to acquire state-of-the-art telecom expertise
  • Continuous training and education in the latest technologies
  • An interesting job location, easily accessible alongside the ring of Ghent.

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