Connecting rural Iceland

In Iceland, the government is running a comprehensive funding program to allow rural communities achieve close to 100% FTTH coverage for domestic households, businesses, schools, community centers etc. Communities need to apply for a grant and typically hire a consultancy firm to assist them. One of the most successful of these firms is Lysir, a subsidiary of Rafal Iceland.

Lysir uses FiberPlanIT Designer to plan and design the communal FTTH networks.

“FiberPlanIT gives us a significant advantage over our competitors, who are still designing their networks manually.”

Lysir Managing Director, Guðmundur Gunnarsson


Making the right decisions

Historically, copper telecom networks in the rural parts of Finland have been deployed above ground using existing electricity network poles. But now, the power operator is running a large-scale project to move its network below ground, forcing telecom operator Telia to migrate its own network at the same time. Telia uses FiberPlanIT to find the best solution for its customers.

“FiberPlanIT enables us to quickly assess the feasibility of alternative scenarios such as a mix of mobile and fiber in certain areas.”

Telia Department Manager Access Planning, Lasse Vesanen


eir steers its FTTH Strategy with FiberPlanIT

eir is the incumbent fixed line operator in Ireland passing 1.6M out of the 2.34M premises nationally with NGA CVDSL/EVDSL broadband and more than 200K FTTH premises in both urban and rural networks. It provides retail and wholesale fixed broadband to almost 930K fixed broadband customers nationally.

eir uses FiberPlanIT Simulator to steer its FTTH strategy for future urban and rural rollouts.

Case Studies
“FTTH homes passed costs and bill of materials could have taken months to calculate using traditional manually analysis but can be done in a week using FiberPlanIT Simulator.”

eir Principal Access Network Strategist, David Renehan


Preparing for 50% FTTH coverage by 2026

In December 2016 Proximus, Belgium’s historical telecom leader, announced its 3 Billion Euro investment plan to connect 50% of the homes in Belgium by 2026.

Proximus trusted FiberPlanIT tools to keep control over their FTTH network deployment. In this case study, you will read about Proximus’s plans, challenges and process to achieve this ambitious roll-out.

“We needed to thoroughly rethink our tools and processes to achieve this massive FTTH and FTTB roll out.”

Proximus Chief Technology Officer, Geert Standaert


Rolling out New Zealand’s
ultra-fast broadband network

Visionstream, New Zealand’s leading telecom infrastructure provider, turned to Comsof and their FiberPlanIT design tool when embarking on an ambitious nine-year project to rollout New Zealand’s ultra-fast broadband (UFB) network, in partnership with Chorus, New Zealand’s guardian of the local fixed line network.

The FiberPlanIT FTTx scorecard:

  • Fast: Twice the design throughput in just half the time
  • Quality: Real-time scenario testing for optimum rollout
  • Smart: 20-30 percent savings in trenching and cabling
“The end product delivered what we needed, that’s when we knew we’d made a good decision in choosing FiberPlanIT.”

Visionstream UFB Project Director, Garth Spencer


Post Luxemburg

Post Luxembourg worked with FiberPlanIT to perform a detailed cost analysis of the nationwide FTTH deployment. In less than 3 weeks, they generated complete geographical FTTH designs for all 280.000 homes in the country using the FiberPlanIT software.

“FiberPlanIT models rollout in a  very transparent way, with verified engineering rules. The flexible  model adapts to the specificities of  individual operators, and the  precise costs listings match with  real life experience.”

Yves Koch, Access network engineer, Post Luxembourg


Opticable by Nexans

Fibre optic cable manufacturer Opticable has grown significantly over the past few years. The company succeeded in extending its business activities, complementing its product portfolio with network design services. Thanks to the FiberPlanIT software, the company develops very accurate, cost-efficient network designs.

“As a manufacturer of fibre optic cables, we know which products and engineering rules need to be taken into account to conceive a telecom network. Thanks to FiberPlanIT, we now also have the tool to translate this knowledge in a cost-efficient design.”

Réal Helvenstein, General Manager, Opticable

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