Comsof, developer of the FTTx network design software FiberPlanIT, opens their first overseas office in Toronto, Canada. The Belgium based company establishes Comsof Americas in order to service their growing number of Canadian and American customers more closely and to increase their market share in a rapidly developing environment. The office will handle project management and support as well as sales for North, Middle and South America.

Gent, Belgium, December 22, 2016 – Comsof has been growing steadily since 1998 focusing on cost-effective solutions to problems in the Telecom market. Over the years the company has specialized in making the design of FTTx networks smarter, easier, more flexible and truly cost efficient. The in-house developed FiberPlanIT solution is used all over the world and is proof of the successful concept of the software. Fiber deployment is increasing rapidly in North America and the potential of the American continent is exponential. Comsof wants a local presence in order to follow up more closely with the existing customer base, provide even better support and grow the number of clients.

FiberPlanIT: FTTx design made easy(ier)

In order to keep up with ambitious deployment plans, operators and engineering firms turn to expensive outsourcing or subcontracting for their FTTx designs.
But with FiberPlanIT they can take back control over the network design, guarantee their network quality whilst maintaining a high design throughput all because of the easy-to-use and intuitive automation and optimization tool of Comsof.

Raf Meersman, CEO Comsof, comments: ”All over the world, thanks to FiberPlanIT, we have been saving our clients time and money in their FTTx projects. As an example Visionstream in New Zealand achieved around 30 percent savings in trenching and cabling and four times the throughput in designs. This is a major saving. We want to make these huge possibilities directly available to the larger American continental market and although we are able to service our clients from Belgium, we feel that it is best to get even closer to our existing client base”.


Comsof has taken the opportunity to grow the footprint of the company outside of the EU supported by Flanders, Investment and Trade (FIT). The east coast location has been chosen mainly because of the overlap during business hours with the head office in Belgium. Toronto, was simply chosen because it is the hometown of one of the first specialists who signed up with Comsof Americas. Moreover, the city is within a reasonable travel distance from the Gent office and is also ideally located for easy travel in America.

Comsof Americas will be handling sales, project management and support. The main focus of the office will be on FiberPlanIT but it will also represent TelecomCostExpert, the cost-modeling tool for telecom.

Maria Gamo, North and South America Manager adds: “We are excited to launch the new Comsof Americas and become even more active in the region. When news of our new offices got out it was met with great enthusiasm by our clients who now can use our support during their business hours.”.

The software development will remain in the Head Office in Belgium. As Comsof is a global company this ensures the flexibility of the tool used worldwide.

About FiberPlanIT

FiberPlanIT is a software solution that turns FTTx network planning into profit by lowering planning and design time, avoiding design errors, and reducing construction costs. This is made possible thanks to FiberPlanIT’s unique automated and optimized design capabilities based on GIS data.
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About Comsof

Comsof delivers innovative, cost-effective solutions to complex ICT problems in telecommunications. The company started in 1998 as a spin-off from the internationally renowned Ghent University in Belgium. Our team of consultants and software developers is committed to providing you with a dedicated solution based on innovative and best-in-class software development.

For more information contact:
Maria Gamo, North and South America Manager Comsof Americas
Exchange Tower, 130 King Street West, Suite 1800, Toronto, Ontario M5X 1E3, Canada (from 1/1)
Tel.: +1 416 594 9777
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