FiberPlanIT will actively participate in the upcoming European FTTH Conference in Marseille, France from February 14 to 16. We will contribute to 2 workshops on February 14. On February 15 and 16 the exhibition floor is open where you can find us at booth B19. During these two days there are also interesting sessions on topics related to FTTH where you can learn from different vendors, institutions and operators. We will engage in 3 different sessions on the main track.

FiberPlanIT exhibits at FTTH Conference

Visit us at booth B19 for all your FTTH planning, design and build challenges, questions about the FiberPlanIT software, a demonstration of our latest features, and much more. The exhibition floor is open on February 15 and 16. Just as previous years, an important part of the FiberPlanIT management and product team will be present. Let us know if you’re attending.


FTTH Conference Workshops

The FiberPlanIT team will contribute to 2 workshops on February 14th. More info on the FTTH Conference website.

Deployment strategies for rural and lower density FTTH networks

Who? CommScope, Nokia and FiberPlanIT
Where? Room WS8
When? February 14, 13:00-17:30

Service providers active in low density or rural areas are very often new entrants in the market and face very specific challenges. The workshop will provide perspectives on critical business areas these new Service Providers must consider when bringing their access networks to market.
Raf Meersman will talk about the considerations around the specific needs of rural roll out in term of Network planning and how software solution can address these challenges.
His part of the session will cover the following:

  • The cost to connect everybody in rural environment with FTTH
  • Impact of different cable deployment options on total cost
  • How to save more costs in rollout by optimizing the architecture of the network
  • Analyzing the importance of adoption/pre-engagement of the customers to connect to the network

Open access FTTH networks – Impact of network planning on creating and realizing the business case

Who? GE,  iMEC, NetAdmin, DigPro, Rala and FiberPlanIT
Where? Rooms WS5
When? February 14, 13:00 – 16:45

Understand different models for open access networks and learn about real world experiences in meeting the business case.

A wide variety of models are used to deploy FTTH networks around the world. The most ambitious is the open access model where a wholesale operator provides service to any number of retail providers delivering content and services over the wholesale operator’s network.

Part 1: Understanding the complexities of wholesale fibre business models

The workshop will start by outlining the different business models that can be used and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Network construction cost estimations for these models are a crucial part of the ROI equation. We will look how automated and optimised network planning solutions improve the accuracy of these estimations.

Part 2: Lessons from the trenches – building & managing open access networks

The workshop will focus on key learnings from building and managing open access networks. Given the large capital investment required to rollout a fibre network it is crucial to do things right from the beginning in terms of network planning, rollout and management.

Part 3: Real world case studies

  1. FTTH in Italy – an ever changing landscape
  2. FTTH in Sweden – open access pioneers
  3. FTTH in Australia & New Zealand – the perspective from network construction companies

FTTH Conference programme

The costs and benefits of creating a Gigabit Society


  • Anthony Whelan, Director, Electronic communications, networks and services European Commission
  • Raf Meersman, CEO, FiberPlanIT by Comsof

Where? Conference Room 2
When? 16 February 2017, 14:00-15:15

Mini Workshop – Open Access Networks

Where? Conference Room 2
When? 16 February 2017, 14:00-15:15

Mini Workshop – Rural Fibre Networks

Where? Conference Room 3
When? 16 February 2017, 14:00-15:15

About the FTTH Conference

The FTTH Council Europe is pleased to invite you to the FTTH Conference 207 in Marseille from 14 to 16 February 2017. The three-day event is all-inclusive with conference, workshops, exhibition, hands-on demos and first-class catering.

Join our Workshops and Conference sessions about the following topics and meet top industry players in the exhibition hall. Workshops will be held on February 14. 15 to 16 February you can visit the exhibition hall, where you can meet with our sponsors and partners, experience fibre-enabled services, enjoy a meal or just grab a drink.

Join the largest FTTH event in the world! A unique networking opportunity with over 3,000 participants from 94 countries.

Practical Information: Palais des Congrès, Marseille Chanot, France from 14 to 16 February 2017

Will you be there?

More info about the conference here.



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