FiberPlanIT will once again be an active participant in the upcoming FTTH Conference Europe in Valencia, Spain from February 13 to 15 in 2018.  We will contribute to 2 workshops on February 13. Also on February 14 and 15 the exhibition floor is open where you can find us at booth B10. During exhibition days futhermore there will be interesting sessions. On topics related to FTTH where various speakers from different vendors, institutions and operators will deliver various sessions.

FiberPlanIT exhibits at FTTH Conference Europe

Visit us at booth B10 for all your FTTH planning, design and build challenges. Questions about the FiberPlanIT software, a demonstration of our latest features, and much more. The exhibition floor is open on February 14 and 15. Just as previous years, an important part of the FiberPlanIT management and product team will be present. Let us know if you’re attending.


FTTH Conference Europe Workshops

The FiberPlanIT team will contribute to 2 workshops on February 13th. More info on the FTTH Conference website.

How analytics and convergence improve the ROI of FTTH

Who? Comsof, Commscope, Proximus, Real Impact Analytics

When? February 13, 14:00 – 17:30

Return on Investment for new FTTH rollouts remains challenging for many service providers. In this workshop we will explore how analytics and convergence can help improve FTTH ROI. The different models will be explained and their possible impact on the business will be illustrated, including:

  • How new analytics solutions can support strategic roll out decisions and help define roll out priorities by both looking at roll out costs and projected revenues, therefore optimizing the ROI.
  • How convergence between FTTH (for the residential market) and fiber connections for other markets like business and wireless (5G) can drive densification and the need for fiber networks, resulting in significant savings of costs.

Through examples we will demonstrate how smart architectural and connectivity choices, combined with good analytics, offer a great opportunity to further optimize FTTH ROI. Proximus, incumbent operator from Belgium, will explain how they apply these principles to make their FTTH project a success.

  • Optimize your network investment priorities thanks to integrated analytics  by Sebastien Delataille, CEO – Real Impact Analytics
  • “Model” your architecture options and optimize your costs across multiple markets by Raf Meersman, CEO –  Comsof
  • Choose the appropriate connectivity solutions for future proof networks while minimizing total cost of ownership by Erik Gronvall, VP Strategy and Business Development – Commscope
  • Learn from the experience of a key European Service Provider by Matteo Gatta, Technology Strategy & Innovation Director   – Proximus

How to make the right FTTH network architecture choices

Who? imec, GE, Comsof

When? February 13, 14:00 – 17:30

Session 1: Overview of how internal and external factors impact the network architecture

An operator chooses how to deploy its FTTH network. This is determined by the corporate strategy and is influenced by external market and regional factors. In this session we will zoom in on these factors and strategic choices. Examine the cost impact and practical implications of different architectures.

Moderator: Dr. James Wheatley, Product Line Manager, GE


  • Dr. Marlies Van der Wee, senior researcher, imec
  • Mr. Jonas Verstuyft, Marketing Manager, FiberPlanIT by Comsof
  • Mr. Xavier Smet, Consultant, FiberPlanIT by Comsof

Session 2: Moving from planning & design into network build and operations: Operational considerations for FTTH deployments

Deploying an FTTH network results in a huge volume of field work. Activities will include field-based reviews of designs, moving through network build into service activation. First of all, we will explore the challenges with in-field design, work management and workforce management processes. We will use a range of customer examples to highlight some of these challenges. Suggest the capabilities that software solutions require to address these challenges and drive greater efficiency for the field teams.

Moderator: Mr. Jonas Verstuyft, Marketing Manager, FiberPlanIT by Comsof


  • Dr. James Wheatley, Product Line Manager, GE
  • Mr. Dave Bolsdon, Senior Solution Architect, GE
  • Mr. Salvador Peya, Solution Architect, GE

Fiber-based Technologies as a key enabler for 5G

Who? Altice labs, Detecon, Corning, Comsof

When? February 13, 14:00 – 15:30

  • NG-PON2 the best ally of 5G on the slot by José Salgado, Altice Labs
  • Fibre to the 5G – fixed access considerations for the future frontahaul by Jörg Fischer and Rong Zhao, Detecon
  • Network confergence and impact of 5G by Mike Knott, Corning
  • Plan for all, build for 5G – strategies for designing a heterogeneous fibre network by Xavier Smet, Comsof
Plan for all, build for 5G – strategies for designing a heterogeneous fibre network

Xavier will discuss the cost impact and practical implications of different deployment strategies of 5G and migration strategies to FTTH. He will also answer the following questions based on a case study on a reference area:

  • How to plan a heterogeneous network for 5G, FTTH, FTTB etc.
  • How to build the initial 5G fiber network with support for future expansions.

About the FTTH Conference Europe

The FTTH Council Europe is pleased to invite you to the FTTH Conference Europe 2018 in Valencia from 13 to 15 February 2018. The three-day event is all-inclusive with conference, workshops, exhibition, hands-on demos and first-class catering.

Join our Workshops and Conference sessions about the following topics and meet top industry players in the exhibition hall. Workshops will be held on February 13. From 14 to 15 February you can visit the exhibition hall. Most of all you can meet with our sponsors and partners, experience fibre-enabled services, enjoy a meal or just grab a drink.

Join the largest FTTH event in the world! A unique networking opportunity with over 3,000 participants from 96 countries.

Practical Information: FERIA VALENCIA, Valencia, Spain from 13 to 15 February 2018

Will you be there?

More info about the conference here.

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