Comsof Fiber Designer

Generating the best deployment plans for your project area is key!
Comsof Fiber Designer automates your design process while optimizing your deployment plans.


Identify cost-optimized choices

Save on deployment costsComsof Fiber presents you with optimal choices for locations of aggregation points, cable routes and splices, exploring the complex balance between those network components. Our best in-class smart algorithms are the result of more than 15 years experience with 150+ customers worldwide. We have encountered our fair share of network architectures.


Fine-tune your plan

Stay completely in controlMake different OSP design choices and quantify the impact on costs in an iterative process. You can integrate last-minute field survey information and easily adapt the design. As such your engineers stay in complete control, creating the design that gives you the best trade-off between the cost to build the network, the practicality to build it and operating costs.


Efficiently create
high-quality plans


Save time while increasing qualityComsof Fiber makes your design process fast, allowing your engineers to design 7000 homes in less than 3 days. Additionally, the seamless integration with third-party software for network operation facilitates the creation of network objects in the network documentation tool. Moreover Comsof Fiber aids to safeguard the quality of the design and specified network architecture. Resulting in uniform designs across different designers.

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