Comsof Fiber Simulator

Planning an FTTx network is making important strategic decisions.
Comsof Fiber Simulator allows you in making these important decisions based real numbers and data.


Make accurate estimations to support your business case

Save on deployment costsComsof Fiber provides reliable estimates of costs and revenue of your FTTX project. These include smart GIS-based calculations of cost per home passed, customer connection costs and adoption rates for potential projects. For each simulation Comsof Fiber generates an accurate Bill of Materials and a geographical network preview, giving you an insight of the cost structure and proposed design, fitted to the specific situation in your area.


Make the right
technical choices

Stay completely in controlUse Comsof Fiber’s unrivaled flexibility to quickly evaluate different scenarios, selecting between numerous technologies and components. You can therefore quantify the impact of your design choices on deployment and operational costs, selecting the most effective design strategy.


Know where to
deploy your network

Save time while increasing qualityComsof Fiber provides you with reliable revenue and cost predictions per neighborhood, derived from geographic (GIS) and marketing data. The results help you easily identify the neighborhoods with the highest return on investment in the shortest period, increasing your profits

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