Broadband World Forum 2017 moved to Berlin after two years in London. Comsof exhibited again this year and had a speaker slot at the UBB2020 speaker stage.

This year’s Broadband World Forum focused on last mile technologies where not only FTTH was discussed but also technologies such as, DOCSIS 3.1 etc., which can get operator close to 1Gbps fixed line connectivity in short and medium term. There was lot of optimism towards 5G but operators agreed that it is one of the building blocks. Both operator and vendor speakers agreed that fixed line and wireless go hand in hand.


Some takeaways from the speaker sessions


Deutsche Telekom, Franz Seiser, VP Core Networks & Services

According to Mr. Seiser, operators need to discard legacy systems to allow for innovation. He sees 5G as the future of DT networks but agrees that it is a part of bigger picture. Regulation will be a key part in assuring that operators get a return on their investment. For DT, connectivity is a clear goal and this should be achieved by the right choice of technology and regulation.

Nokia, Federico Guillén, President, Fixed networks

“In the past 2-3 years fixed network architecture has changed dramatically” says Mr. Guillén. According to him, Nokia has extended their technology to coax and wireless on top of copper and fiber. The next challenge for operators is to provide high speed internet inside the home with improved wifi connectivity, which is often seen as the weakest link in the network.   

BT, Howard Watson, Group CIO & CEO Tech, Service & Ops

BT wants to further enhance their already great 4G network while continue to invest in 5G, as customer needs and demands more and more data. BT has the ability to deliver it in a converged way over both mobile and fixed. Technology will be critical for BT when it comes to fixed network, it will be mixed bag of technologies such as VDSL and to deliver over fixed network.

Orange Polska, Jean-Francois Fallacher, CEO

In 3 years, Orange Polska has passed 2 million households and has connected more than 150,000 people says Mr. Fallacher. He sees wifi as a bottleneck and the biggest challenge for them.


Our UBB2020 presentation

Network convergence was clearly a hot topic at Broadband World Forum and is on every operator’s mind. Fixed and wireless networks need to go hand-in-hand and this is impacting the operator’s processes, tools and strategy.

We gave a presentation at the conference about what an operator need to do to only deploy one fiber network serving businesses, residential premises and antenna sites each with their own needs and requirements. We also covered different ways to foresee spare capacity in the network for future network expansions.


Key takeaways

  • For Consumers, Wi-Fi is a basic need but does not have a good experience with it. Both operators and vendors acknowledge that they need to address this issue.
  • Operators and vendors are closely working together on 5G. First trials are rolling out and they clearly see the need for fiber to support these deployments.
  • Vendors continue to research copper and coax improvements. Recent results looks promising where fiber speed have been improved. The goal is to increase the speeds over the current outside plant fiber networks to avoid expensive infrastructure works.

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