Creating splicing diagrams, labelling the equipment and generating the required construction plans is time consuming, repetitive and error prone work. Anyone who is responsible for the roll-out of a fibre network knows this. With the FiberPlanIT Engineer we want to change this.

The FiberPlanIT Engineer is available as an extension to the FiberPlanIT Designer. The FiberPlanIT Designer generates optimised high-level designs to reduce the deployment cost. The FiberPlanIT Engineer, transforms these high-level plans into low-level designs ready for construction, automatically creates fibre connections and applies the correct equipment coding. The use of templates in the software makes it easier to generate consistent construction plans. The software also allows for last-minute adjustments to the network design to make it ‘field proof’. This reduces network design time and avoids costly mistakes in the field.

In this webinar we will demo both the FiberPlanIT Designer and Engineer. With a particular focus on the integration and automatic generation of “to-build” plans from high level designs generated by the FiberPlanIT Designer. This allows you to speed up your network design and safeguard design quality. We will also show how the automatic construction plan generation can help to streamline your FTTx deployments.

When? March 9, 2017

  • Session 1 @ 10 am CET/4 am EST
  • Session 2 @ 5 pm CET/11 am EST

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