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Design and plan your FTTx network smarter, faster and with less budget

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When planning an FTTx project, Comsof Fiber Simulator assists you in making the important strategic decisions  based upon facts

  • Increase reliability & transparency
  • Select the best design strategy
  • Increase return on investment

When designing an FTTx network, Comsof Fiber automates your design process while optimizing your deployment plans

  • Save on deployment costs
  • Stay in complete control
  • Save time while increasing quality

Comsof Fiber Engineer lets you deploy your networks faster and connect your customer sooner

  • Save time and increase quality
  • Save on deployment costs
  • Stay in control


Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Comsof Fiber strengthens the business case and increases the confidence of FTTx projects by leveraging the accuracy of GIS data. Lower the costs of your project by comparing FTTx architectures and target regions.

Network Design

Network Design

Comsof Fiber assists engineers that design FTTx networks. Comsof Fiber saves time, saves on deployment costs and is really easy to use. There is no room for human errors, and the whole team delivers uniform results.

Integrations & Partners

Integrations & Partners

Some organizations need more than just FTTx Planning & Design. Therefore we offer integrations for the leading GIS Physical Network Inventory tools enabling a streamlined process for all stages of your FTTx project.

Partnering with Comsof Fiber achieves

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Reduction in Design time
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Reduction in deployment costs
Million Homes Planned


Rolling out New Zealand’s
ultra-fast broadband network

Visionstream, New Zealand’s leading telecom infrastructure provider, turned to Comsof and its fiber design tool when embarking on an ambitious nine-year project to roll-out New Zealand’s ultra-fast broadband (UFB) network, in partnership with Chorus, New Zealand’s guardian of the local fixed line network.

The Comsof Fiber scorecard:

  • Fast: Twice the design throughput in just half the time
  • Quality: Real-time scenario testing for optimum roll-out
  • Smart: 20-30 percent savings in trenching and cabling
“The end product delivered what we needed, that’s when we knew we’d made a good decision in choosing Comsof Fiber.”

Visionstream UFB Project Director, Garth Spencer

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