The FiberPlanIT Ecosystem

Plan, Design, Build

Plan, Design, Build

FiberPlanIT sees the three stages of FTTx network building, namely planning, designing and building as a continuous concept. The products we develop are interlocking to help you build your network as efficiently and smart as possible. Although FiberPlanIT’s Simulator, Designer and the integrated Engineer can be used on their own, the real strength of the concept is apparent when all of them are used together.

FiberPlanIT Solution Value Features
FiberPlanIT Simulator Higher project success rate (less risk)
  • GIS based
  • Experience around the world
  • Wide set of design rules close to field experience
FiberPlanIT Designer Lower cost of build
  • Optimization algorithms
  • Smart: fine-tuning and re-optimizatio
FiberPlanIT Engineer Shorter project time
  • Automatic generation of BOM/Design
  • Automatic splicing/coding
  • Tight workflow from planning to low level design

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