With a growth in homes planned of almost 300% in one year, FiberPlanIT is now the world’s leading tool in planning and designing FTTH networks.

In 2014, FiberPlanIT went from having assisted in the design of 14 million homes to over 41 million homes – an increase of 293%. Raf Meersman, CEO: “2014 has been a breakthrough year for FiberPlanIT. It is now the world’s leading FTTH planning and design tool.”

FiberPlanIT is the result of nearly 20 years of experience in planning and designing fibre networks. Since its inception, the software has become the obvious choice for FTTH planners around the world. In 2011, a stand-alone software tool was launched, helping telecom operators and engineering companies in both the strategic and detailed FTTH planning process. Since then, the tool has been used in over 80 projects, to design over 41 million homes in over 25 countries across the world.

When planning an FTTH network, the FiberPlanIT team has found that there is an incredible potential for increasing the profit margin. The whole FiberPlanIT platform has been designed to get more value out of your FTTH plans. Both in developing the best business case for your project as in the detailed roll-out. As Meersman explains, “FiberPlanIT is more than just a piece of software. We also have a deep understanding of how to turn customer requirements into realistic, cost-effective models with the best profit margins. Though the software is easy to use, many of our clients also rely on the high-value advice of our in-house consultants.”

FiberPlanIT uses a set of complex algorithms to optimize your plan. Real-life cases show that FiberPlanIT generates the most accurate calculations, yet is flexible enough to integrate feedback from the field to recalculate plans on the fly. Combining the algorithms with GIS data, FiberPlanIT is a lot more accurate than spreadsheet-based calculations and offers unparalleled speed, flexibility and ease of use.

Supporting the growth of FiberPlanIT, staffing has increased to meet the needs of our clients. As the business volume has almost doubled, more and more clients rely on FiberPlanIT to turn their planning into profit.

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