We are happy to announce that FiberPlanIT Version 1.11 will be released on November 6. This update contains a number of performance improvements and new features. Some of the new developments are listed below.

ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Pro plugin

We will release a FiberPlanIT Designer plugin for ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Pro. We currently offer FiberPlanIT Designer with a plugin for QGIS or integrated with one of our partner solutions. With the new plugin you can benefit from FiberPlanIT’s design automation from the ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Pro environment.

FiberPlanIT Designer plugin for ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Pro

FiberPlanIT Designer plugin for ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Pro

Feasible and cost-effective FTTx designs

Deploying an FTTx network can be expensive. Therefore, operators look for ways to reduce the costs of a deployment. One way to do this, is by putting the cables on the facade of buildings, as an alternative to deploying cables underground or over poles. In version 1.11 we will support this new type of deployment out-of-the-box. Another way to save costs is to limit the needed duct infrastructure. As you know, FiberPlanIT already optimizes the routing and choice of ducts. But with the new release the user can also choose to use ducts for cables in different layers, e.g. using a 7 way micro-duct bundle for both drop and distribution cables. The software will automatically choose the right type of duct.

Our goal is to automate the fiber network design as much as possible while giving the user the necessary tools to adjust the design to the local conditions. To support this we included a number of features like the handling of cable slack and slack loops, support for branched underground lead-ins, detailed splitter configurations, and a number of features to control the cable routing.

Fiber network convergence

5G deployments are becoming more common, fixed wireless can be an alternative for the last mile, operators are upgrading the capacity of their cabinets and businesses require extra reliability compared to residents. Network convergence becomes the trend, with operators deploying a single fiber infrastructure for small cells, wifi hotspots, homes, businesses and other points of interest. In version 1.11 we improved the handling of these different scenarios. Allowing the user to mix all sorts of FTTx deployments in 1 design.


If you want to learn more about the new version or see how FiberPlanIT can help your FTTx project, contact us today.


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