The challenge of
planning an FTTx network

An FTTx project can be challenging and needs a dedicated approach. With Comsof Fiber, the unique and flexible software platform developed by Comsof, we give you the tools to plan and design the FTTx network that you want, how you want it.

The Comsof Fiber solution is so intuitive and easy-to-learn that you can start quickly and independently. You own the whole process from developing a solid business case to the creation of detailed roll-out plans.

And if needed our experts can support you and adapt our solution to your needs.

Experts working together
creating value

With more than 20 years of experience in telecom network planning and over 65 million homes planned, the Comsof team is ready to assist you with all your FTTx network planning and design challenges



The strength of the Comsof Fiber solution really comes to the fore as soon as you start working with our tools. You really can take ownership over the planning and design process and decide for yourself how you want to build your network. Our  advanced and user-friendly tool is capable of transforming your design rules into a simple interface allowing you to focus on the essence: smart and cost-effective engineering.

You will be able to

  • Easily Install and configure the software in your own environment;
  • Train your planners to configure and use the software;
    From experience we know that a few training video’s do the job to get your staff up and running
  • Get started immediately;
    Comsof Fiber has extensive out-of-the box functionalities due to the experience of our many worldwide projects

Make your FTTx network planning smart, fast and easy with substantial benefits:

  • Smart designs save significant costs in your deployments.
  • Fast designing saves you a lot of design time.
  • Easy designing ensures the quality of your plans also after field survey.

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